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Welcome to Haumoana

Gateway to the Cape Coast
A family friendly community with a refreshing laid-back attitude

Haumoana is a coastal settlement just south of the Tukituki River outlet in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; it is 10 kilometres east of Hastings. Local facilities include a fire station, parks, community halls, lagoons, wetlands, walking and cycle tracks, the river Tukituki river mouth, a commercial centre (pub, 4Square and takeaways) and some of the best wineries and restaurants in the region. As well as its world famous inland gannet colony, this eclectic small community with a big heart has, in recent decades seen growth in new orchards and a vibrant body of creative and small businesses. Those who live here love the wild beauty of the natural landscape and welcome the growing number of tourists and weekenders who realise there’s something special about this place. There are approxmately 430 houses within the community. The village area is flat and low-lying with hills to the south-west. American and British sealers and whalers frequented the ocean off Te Awanga from the late 1700’s setting up shore camps and interacting with local Maori until the 1850’s, when the Crown purchased land, and European settlers commenced farming. The area has a rich history and from the early days became a ‘community focused’ placed to live.

  • Where is Haumoana?

    Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

  • What is the population of Haumoana?

    2202. 1098 males and 1107 females as at the 2006 census

  • What does Haumoana translate as?

    Strong wind from the sea

  • How great is Haumoana?

    It is nearly first to see the new days sun in the world (just beaten by Gisborne) and it is claimed to have the lowest rates of freezer-burn in the southern hemisphere.

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