January 14, 2016

Cape Coast

Welcome to the Cape Coast, literally and in every other way giving Hawke’s Bay ‘an edge’.

Here you will find everything that makes Hawke’s Bay a wonderful region for locals and tourists alike, an area of historic, natural, cultural and ‘national significance’.

The term Cape Coast celebrates Haumoana, Te Awanga and Clifton, an idyllic cluster of villages bathing in the reflected light of Te Matau a Maui (the fish hook of the legendary Maui), aka Cape Kidnapper, equidistant from Napier, Hastings and Havelock North; 12 minutes each way.

This rugged iconic coastline where the waves beat on stone and gravel, ionising and invigorating the atmosphere, is representative of all that Kiwis hold dear in terms of holidaying by the beach, scenic beauty, fishing, swimming, surfing, boating, cycling or just taking a leisurely walk.

Local population has remained steady over the past decade at around 2200, although several sub-divisions are going through the consenting process with locals watching closely to ensure whatever happens is in keeping with the local character and style.

Any development needs to retain the unique village character; locals oppose intensive or small subdivisions fearing the area doesn’t have the infrastructure or capacity to cater for a large or rapid growth

Local facilities include a fire station, parks, community halls, lagoons, wetlands, walking and cycle tracks, the river Tukituki river mouth, a commercial centre (pub, 4Square and takeaways) at Cape View Corner (East Rd-Clifton Rd intersection) and some of the best wineries and restaurants in the region.

As well as its world famous inland gannet colony, this eclectic small community with a big heart has, in recent decades seen growth in new orchards and a vibrant body of creative and small businesses.

Those who live here love the wild beauty of the natural landscape and welcome the growing number of tourists and weekenders who realise there’s something special about this place.

While we welcome you to the Cape Coast we would like you to be aware that this community faces a threat from erosion and inundation which is undermining continued growth and confidence.

The local community has been trying to engage with our councils on ways to deal with this ongoing problem for many years. The agreed solution is a groynefield to help deflect high seas and replenish the beach.

The WOW (Walking on Water) group formed in May 2009 has picked up that challenge and despite ongoing challenges and a sense that no-one really wants to do anything about it, there’s a growing sense of momentum.

Currently we have a two-year reprieve to keep refining the design and cost of our plan to Save the Cape Coast. We are persisting and believe the first step is to protect Cape View Corner through a combination of soft and hard engineering (heavy rocks and targeted beach replenishment).

Rather than future generations of New Zealanders visiting the Cape Coast and asking ‘what disaster happened here’ we want them to keep saying, WOW!!


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Cape Coast Community Group

The Cape Coast Community Group is a group of individuals from Haumoana, Te Awanga, Clifton
and all the bits in between who are interested in the beautification and development of our
unique coastal communities.

The group has varied in membership over time but was instrumental in producing the report that led to the development of the Cape Coast Community Plan with the Hastings District Council. Among the ideas being worked on is an arts and heritage trail along the Cape Coast, more seating and picnic areas, beautification, landscaping and providing feedback to council on the best ideas for enhancing the area.

Members the CCCG, WOW and of other community groups and residents were involved in helping to develop the Cape Coast Community plan:

Consultation on the plan was held through a series of public meetings during 2014 and early 2015. The plan includes a number of visionary projects for the Cape Coast. Anyone interested in being part of a group that might move some of these key projects forward should contact:

Keith Newman
Email: wordman@wordworx.co.nz

Louise Stetner
Hastings District Council
Email: louises@hdc.govt.nz

or Martin Bates
Email: mp.bates@yahoo.com.sg