Theft of Go-Cart

From HB Today Article

A Haumoana father is appealing for the person who stole his children’s handmade go-kart on Monday to return it, no questions asked.

Chris Riley said he didn’t care who had taken the cart, which he was selling for $500, he just wanted it back.

“Being so distinctive, someone must have seen it”, he said.

The go-kart was black with yellow and red flames painted on the bonnet, and had three wheels and a push handle.

Mr Riley had spent about 100 hours making the go-kart so that his children could compete in the Art Deco trolley races with it.

But after three years of fun with the cart, Mr Riley said he decided to sell it as his children were older and no longer wanted to compete in races.

“We hoped to sell it and use the money to get something as equally exciting for the kids.”

For the past week Mr Riley had wheeled the cart with a “For Sale” sign to the front of his property. Here it was visible to those driving past, but he was also able to keep an eye on it from inside his home.

Mr Riley had reported the theft to police, but said anyone with information could contact him directly on 0211009569.

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