January 14, 2016




WOW (Walking on water) Inc is a registered charitable trust

WOW (Walking on Water) Mission statement:

“To find and implement solutions for serious erosion at Haumoana, Te Awanga and Clifton and unite the Cape Coast community to protect and promote the coastline as an asset for the wider Hawke’s Bay region.”

The WOW committee of up to 15 members, has been operating continually since the group was formed by chairperson Ann Redstone in mid-2009. It meets at least monthly and more frequently when there are issues that need working through such as submissions to councils or to the joint council Coastal Hazards group.

WOW produces an occasional newsletter which is distributed to every household along the Cape Coast (from Clifton to Haumoana) and to our mailing list and Facebook membership which now includes around 500 people.

You can find WOW at www.capecoast.co.nz
Facebook: Save the Cape Coast

Latest WOW newsletter:

WOW Newsletter April 2015

Archived Newsletters: WOW Newsletter April 2015 :: WOW Newsletter Sept 2013 :: WOW Newsletter Aug 2013 :: WOW Newsletter March 2013 :: WOW Newsletter Sept 2010 :: WOW Newsletter April 2010 :: WOW Newsletter Sept 2009

Cape Coast timeline

WOW has been working with respected coastal engineer Steve Moynihan of Moynihan Coastal Consultants who had in conjunction with WOW’s technical team with advice from council officers revised a series of protection plans over the past six years. WOWs objective is to ensure any hard engineer protection is achievable, sustainable and affordable to the Cape Coast community.

WOW strenuously objects to council placing the full weight of any cost of protection on those living closest to the coast as it believes this area is a regional asset and as such is used frequently by people from across the wider Hawke’s Bay and visitors from out of town.

WOW is currently working with councils on reassessing how this region is valued. Currently the so-called value is only considered on improved value of residential and commercial property. WOW believes the true value is in the beach itself, the amenities that are here such as camping grounds and reserves as well as wetlands, lagoon, the cycle track and the social value and wellbeing of the community.

WOW Committee 2015 – 2016

Chairperson – Ann Redstone (Convener)
Secretary – Terence (Tez) Eaton
Treasurer – Tracy Saxton,
Spokesperson -Keith Newman
Kaumatua – Darky (Miki) Unahi
Graphics & Design -Margot MacPhail
Technical team – Peter Larsen, Jack Hughes, Trevor Kearse
H21 representative – Mark Lawrence
Clifton Marine Club & Clifton Reserve Association – Neville Bawden
Committee – Mike Heywood. Brent McNamara, Kevin Goodall

WOW’s submission to the Coastal Hazards group:

WOW commends the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment for her recent report (October 2015) which asks councils to work more closely with coastal communities, to avoid blanket solutions and work on “adaptable management”  and a cell-based approach to protecting parts of the coast within the foreseeable future. The commissioner cautions against knee-jerk actions such as increasing hazard zones or talking about managed retreat before science and common sense warrants this.

Commissioner’s Report:

Clifton to Tongoio Coastal Hazards Group

The strategy will: Describe a broad vision for the coast in 2120, and how the Hawke’s Bay community could respond to a range of possible scenarios which have the potential to impact the coast.

It will propose policies to guide any intervention to mitigate the impact of coastal processes and hazards through the following regulatory and non-regulatory instruments:  Regional Policy Statement; District Plans; Council long-term plans; Infrastructure Development Planning (including both policy and social infrastructure networks).

WOW is a stakeholder in this process acting on behalf of the community, specifically Te Awanga Progressive Association (TAPA), Haumoana Ratepayers and Residents Association, The Cape Coast Group and Matahiwi Marae.

Who our council representatives on the Hazards Committee?

Tanya Kerr: Councillor.kerr@hdc.govt.nz
George Lyons: hautapu1@xtra.co.nz
Cynthia Bowers: Councillor.bowers@hdc.govt.nz
Chairman Peter Bevan: pjbeaven@icloud.com